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Reviewed by- andrea (2012/06/10, 04:08 PM)
Witness by Nora Roberts is an endearing love story, perfect for a summer read or listening to on audio. It begins with a young sixteen-year-old prodigy named Elizabeth who is attending Harvard University. Much of Elizabethís academic success is due to the driving force of her cold-hearted mother. She has devised a particular life plan and demands Elizabeth adhere to it, micro-managing her every move. When she finally rebels a series of life altering events unfold. At sixteen, she reinvents herself as Abagail and begins a new life. What follows is Robertís trademark strong female protagonist emerging to rebuild her life. The idea of a young girl experiencing this type of trauma is heart wrenching and kept the pages turning. Although she fights hard to overcome her fears and trust again, itís clear how much of an impact depriving a child of this primary emotion can have on their life. Abagail is unconventional and lacks many social skills, adding to her charm. You canít help falling in love with her. This is Robertís 200th book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.Back.

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