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The Sins of the Father
Reviewed by- linda (2012/06/25, 07:55 PM)
A good family drama that gives the reader a few hours of escape. This is the second book in a planed 5 book series. As with the first “Only Time Will Tell”, Archer weaves a good story that's well-plotted and easy to read. The strength of the book is Archer’s ability to develop characters that feel like people that could easily be in your life and realistic settings. The story, although not quite as good as the first, flows, keeps you entertained and is worth reading. He tells it from the point of view of the different characters and as with the first, ends it with a cliffhanger, not something I personally appreciate. Looking forward to the 3rd installment. Recommend for those that enjoy a good story, this one is light but engaging.Back.

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