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The Things They Carried
Reviewed by- Andrea (2012/07/15, 04:58 PM)
I’ve always been fascinated by the Vietnam War. I vividly remember anxiously searching for my brothers' draft numbers as they scrolled down the television screen. As my cousin was wounded in combat, war stories were abundant in our household. My cousin would share horrific stories to explain the shrapnel that was emerging from his body. Hence, I am always looking for a book to reveal the untold stories he spared my innocent ears. Tim O’Brien offers a moving account of the Vietnam War. He draws you in chapter-by-chapter and gives you a vivid picture of the isolating and grueling experience the young soldiers endured. Particularly interesting was the coping mechanisms utilized to overcome the daily atrocities they witnessed. This realistic account is often dark, yet presents much to discuss. It would make an excellent Book Club choice.Back.

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