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Reviewed by- Linda (2012/07/30, 06:22 PM)
There are defining moments in life, critical junctures where events steamroll us into reversing direction - “Canada” is a book that details such an event. Dell narrates the story as he chronicles his life after his parents robbed a bank, orphaning him and his twin sister at age 15. The focus of the book is the hardship Dell encounters as he struggles to overcome the changes brought about by his parents’ mistake. It’s a moving coming of age story written in an understated, unhurried manner with the underlying theme that life is not always fair. The first part of the book, which describes his parents slowly unraveling, is stronger than the second half which details Dell’s struggles to survive. The sense of time and place however, is strong through out. Recommend to those who appreciate a beautiful writing style and enjoy a literary read.Back.

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