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The Casual Vacancy
Reviewed by- linda (2012/11/11, 05:25 AM)
(3.5 stars) Even not knowing what to expect from J.K Rowling’s first adult book, I was surprised when this book read like a typical English cozy book. It’s life in a small English village with well-defined and somewhat quirky characters. The many layers and characters weave a complex tale of class warfare - a struggle between the old guard of this make-believe town and the new underclass – those that live on the edge. It touches on social issues such as drug addiction, child abuse and racism. The novel revolves around a battle for a council seat that unexpectedly opens up and creates a conflict over what to do about the poverty-stricken residents living in The Fields housing project. This is a book about being human. It’s a book that parallels today’s political agenda - what does the world, a country, a town do with it’s indigent. Recommend for those that enjoy cozy books like Major Pettigre’s Lat Stand and Jacquline Winspear novels.Back.

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