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Love Anthony
Reviewed by- Andrea (2013/01/31, 05:18 PM)
Love Anthony by Lisa Genova is a beautifully written story about two women living in Nantucket, both facing a life crisis. Olivia is devastated by the sudden death of her 8-year-old autistic child and the collapse of her marriage. She moves to the island to regroup and heal. Beth, a housewife and mother, is heartbroken when she’s told her husband is cheating on her. Both women embark on a journey of self–discovery and growth. Genova beautifully describes their struggles and the strength they uncover in themselves. Through Olivia, she enlightens us to the difficulties of raising a child with autism. Olivia’s isolation and the pressures her marriage endured are palpable. Beth’s character is faced with the task of reinventing herself. She returns to her younger days of writing and begins a book about a young boy she saw on the beach years ago. Beth and Olivia’ s lives intersect when it turns out the book Beth is writing is about Olivia’s son Anthony. I enjoyed this section, but it did require a stretch of the imagination to believe Beth had some kind of connection with Anthony. Overall this is enlightening story with likable and relatable characters. I could emphasize with their pain and the story is filled with many touching moments. I enjoyed this book very much.Back.

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