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Whistling Past The Graveyard
Reviewed by- Andrea (2014/10/15, 06:22 PM)
I listened to Whistling Past The Grave Yard by Susan Crandall on audio during a long car ride and found it to be a thoroughly entertaining book. It's a beautiful coming of age story set in Mississippi during the 1960’s. The protagonist is a young girl named Starla, who's mother, abandoned her as a small child, leaving her to live with her very stern and resentful grandmother. Feeling unloved and misunderstood, Starla decides to run away to Nashville in search of her wayward mother. As she walks alone down a desolate road, Eula, a black woman offers her a ride. Having no real plan for herself, she accepts, and the two begin a journey of self-discovery. The author delivers a beautifully written story about the relationship between two unlikely friends, both searching for love and acceptance as they try and make sense of their turbulent lives. While traveling in the deep south during the civil rights movement, they were confronted with unexpected racism and cruelty in many situations. Starla’s voice is authentic and heartwarming as she searches for the true meaning of family. This book would make an excellent book club selection as it provides many points of discussion on family relations, racism, raising children and life in the 1960’s.Back.

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