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Reviewed by- Andrea (2016/04/03, 05:56 AM)
I listened to this book on Audio, and I wanted to discuss it with someone after the first chapter. Daisy, a beautiful young woman, is given the news her cancer is back, and she only has a few months to live. Her quest is to find a wife to take care of her husband Jack after she's gone. As I listened to this story, I felt compelled to reflect on my mortality. If given the same prognosis, how would I behave? What would I want for my loved ones? It's a heartbreaking situation for anyone to face, especially a young couple in the prime of their lives. The author does an excellent job of driving this point home, and I found myself wanting to give Daisy and Jack advice on how to live their final days. Colleen Oakley's writing is spot on and conveys Daisy's pain with a sharp and clear voice. Towards the end, I did become somewhat frustrated with some of the characters reactions to certain circumstances. They didn't exactly ring true for me. But, this story conjures up strong feelings that would make for a great book discussion.Back.

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