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All the Light We Cannot See
Reviewed by- Andrea (2016/04/03, 06:19 AM)
I loved this book! Anthony Doerr masterfully weaves an intriguing story about the lives of two young children during the occupation of France in WWII. I'll admit I love a WWII story, and there are plenty of them out there, but this one is exceptional. It's beautifully written and illuminates what ordinary people can accomplish when faced with extraordinary circumstances. The story has two protagonists. The first is six-year-old Marie-Laure, who is blind and lives in Paris with her adoring Father. He teaches her to navigate the city by building her a miniature replica of her neighborhood for her to memorize. She's courageous and resilient and one of my favorite characters of late. The second is Warner, a young orphan boy living in a less than desirable group home in Germany. He has a gift for electronics that gets him recruited into a brutal Hitler Youth Program. Despite the sadness and cruelties of war, this story transcends the perils and shines a light on the goodness of people, both young and old. It touches your heart and would make an excellent Book Club choice.Back.

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