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The Nest
Reviewed by- linda (2016/09/09, 04:09 PM)
A story of four siblings planning their lives around a trust fund set up by their late father. Everyone is anxiously waiting for the youngest to turn 40 years old so the funds can be paid out. The "Nest" - initially designed to be a stipend, grows to an enormous amount. Each growth spurt brings huge dreams of financial freedom and being debt free. Before long, the inheritance is at the center of everyone's thoughts. Then one of the siblings lives dangerously and plunders the fund. The drama begins. The author invests a lot of time developing the characters - each person is uniquely dysfunctional. Itís easy to related to most of the characters and some of their actions will force your emotions to the surface. Itís an interesting story and a great beach or travel read.Back.

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