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The Guest Room
Reviewed by- Linda (2017/03/06, 03:03 PM)
In my mind, the term bachelor party conjures up images of high caloric food, shots followed by beer chasers, maybe a strip club or someone hired to dance down to her thong in front of the man of the hour and dawn breaking over guys sprawled everywhere. This story starts with a bachelor party that ends not with semi-conscience young men sprawled on sticky floors, but with two dead Russian body guards and two missing the Russian sex slaves. From here Chris Bohijalian takes the reader on a journey of discovery and emotional entanglement. He attacks the sex trafficking trade head on and turns Richard’s life inside out. Richard is a virtuous kind of guy, a wealth investment banker, the brother of the groom and the unlucky host of this party, who had a momentary lapse in judgment. Now his life, his family will never be the same. The story is captivating and thought provoking , creating a whirlwind of emotions, sadness, anger, shock and incredulity. Highly recommend.Back.

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