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I Let You Go
Reviewed by- Linda (2017/03/07, 07:04 PM)
The first twist in this book is original and oh so very clever; not too many readers will see it coming. Its not often I go back and re-read pages to figure out how I missed clues- but this time it was a must. The book begins with a tragic accident; a young boy is killed by a hit and run driver as he and his mother are walking home from school. She only lets go of his hand for a few seconds to push some hair out of her eyes; but Jacob is fast and spontaneous like most kids his age and darts in front of a car. The author does an exemplary job of capturing the profound grief and anguish, and the inconsolable sadness that goes along with a serious accident like this. She also keeps the plot moving and throws in quit a few twists.

On the flip side, are the two detectives working the case, Kate and Ray. The clues they have to work with are very few but the more they work together, the more the sexual tension builds. That keeps things interesting. I liked peeking into their personal lives and also enjoyed the police procedural part as they tried to solve the case. Once you reach about mid way, you wont want to stop reading and be prepared for some surprises, there are quite a few. The second part of the book is stronger than the first, but overall, this is a good book.Back.

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