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My Not So Perfect Life
Reviewed by- Linda (2017/04/09, 10:35 PM)
If you’re in the mood for something bright and enjoyable to read, this would be perfect. The tone is up beat and although the plot is somewhat predictable, it’s easy to follow and totally engaging. There’s also a lesson to be learned about the perfect life; even if all outward appearances suggest so, no one has it. This is a story about Katie’s struggles to find herself and her not so perfect life. At times she becomes confused. Is she Cat, the city girl or Katie the country girl? Can she follow her dreams without guilt? Can she find love? There are some fantastic family dynamics in this book too; a great father daughter relationship and I also loved the bond Katie had with her stepmother. In the end we all learn that everyone has good days and not so good days, and we should always rejoice in where we came from.Back.

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