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Into The Water
Reviewed by- Linda (2017/07/23, 08:22 PM)
First off, I enjoyed this book. I’m not so sure I liked it as much as “A Girl On The Train, ” but it was good, just for different reasons. Publishers should probably stop comparing these two books; they are not similar. The descriptions and characters in this book are stellar. I was quickly drawn into the story and the characters’ lives. Paula Hawkins has a talent for delving into the human condition, and she uses it wisely to move the storyline forward. There may have been a few too many characters to follow, but more importantly, there was a gaping hole in the suspense part of this book. If you’re looking for a sequel to the dynamic psychological thriller "A Girl On The Train” you may be disappointed. However, if you like reading about strong friendships and the drama of life, this may be just the book for you.Back.

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