The Last Romantics
Reviewed by- Andrea (2019/04/25, 01:54 PM)
This novel is for readers who like a book that slowly reveals itself leaving plenty of room for speculation. The Last Romantics tells the story of a family who falls into crisis after the father suddenly dies, and the mother is left to raise four children alone. As a result, she becomes deeply depressed, and for several years she is unable to care for her children. They refer to this period as the pause. The book begins with the youngest child, Fiona who is now a famous poet telling her life story in 2079.

This saga is complicated and begins with a family in crisis and then follows the life of each family member for several decades. The author vividly portrays the love of family and the bonds that connect them.

While reading this book I felt like a spectator, I wasn't feeling connected to the characters, yet I couldn't stop thinking about them. They were all flawed in various ways and had completely different lives, but there was still this strong family bond between them. Love, relationships, and family ties are what draw you into this beautifully written story. It has many topics for an in-depth discussion and would make an excellent Book Club choice.Back.

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