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The Other Woman
Reviewed by- Linda (2019/05/07, 12:39 PM)
I picked this book because of all the great reviews, hoping I was not headed for disappointment as so often happens when expectations are high. The hype is true, this is a good psychological thriller. Right away, you know that Alicia killed her husband and then refused to speak. She is now living out her life in a mental hospital, heavily drugged, considered a lost cause. Several years pass when a psychotherapist takes an interest in her case. She is a challenge but he feels he can help.

This book was very intriguing. I wanted to keep reading to find out why she killed her husband and why she won't speak. I was so completely absorbed, wondering what happened and where everything was going, I never saw the twist at the end coming. It's a good one so I wonder how many others missed it. Loved that it was this author's debut!Back.

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