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PBR Review: This is a fictionalized account of true events. 900 German Jews looking for a safe haven, boarded the St.Louis for a trans atlantic trip. Many were to stay in Cuba, the first stop, with the others continuing on to the United Stat More

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Talking Points: It is hard to understand the policies in place that caused a ship of 900 Jewish refugees making a transatlantic journey to escape the horros of the Natzis, to be denied entry. It's even harder to comprehend the depth of despair these people must have felt when their hope of living was taken away. These refugees were refused entry by Canada and The United States. Prior to this many were sent back because there were unable to pay the fee to Cuba, which was their first stop. Although there are differences, it's easy to compare these events to the refugee situation today. History repeats itself, we must remember to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. Like many Holocaust books, there are many tragic circumstances covered in this book.
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