Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows Book Club Picks
PBR Review: I think what resonates most with me about this book is the witty distinct style of each character. When I first noticed the book was in letter form I was hesitant to buy it; feeling this format may hinder the flow of the story, More

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Talking Points: This book is written in letter style. Book clubs should enjoy discussing the effectiveness of this style and what it adds or takes from the story. The basic plot is the aftermath of war and the toll it takes on people and in a larger sense a town, which will also generate lots of interesting discussion. The strength of this book lies in the amazing characters which are fully developed and unique. Book clubs will enjoy discussing the different aspects of what makes them so real and why they stay with you long after the end of the story. This book will appeal to Book clubs that enjoy well written character driven plots.
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