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PBR Review: Based on true events, an engaging and well researched story with amazing historical perspective. It gives life to the behind the scene events of the Civil War. Placidia is young, newly married and left to tend her husband’s farm More

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Talking Points: This book is about perseverance and determination. Most Civil War books focus on the battle, this one shows the hardships endured by the women left behind and the courage and strength it took to survive. Slavery still existed so there is plenty to talk about on that front; the way they are treated, babies born to slaves fathered by elite white men and more importantly, did we really buy and sell human beings and afford these individuals no human rights? Placidia is a complex character. Her motivations for certain actions will definitely stir some conversation as well as the circumstances of her pregnancy and marriage. Readers will also have some strong feeling about Placidias husband, Major Hockaday and his actions; some not in a good way.
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