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PBR Review: Cheryl Stayed’s life is in shambles. Her mother has died, her marriage is ending, her finances are dwindling, and she is making terrible life decisions. She is completely lost and she is headed down the wrong path. In a desperate More

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Talking Points: Cheryls journey of self discovery on the PCT presented many challenges both physically and emotionally for the author. She faces her demons and overcomes many obstacles alone in the wilderness. Reading about how she conquers her fears and turns her life around is an inspiration to us all.

PBR Review: Home Front by Kristen Hannah is a compelling read. The protagonist is Jolene, a female fighter pilot in the National Guard. Jolene is sent to war, leaving behind her husband and two young daughters. At the time of her deployment More

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Talking Points: The universal struggles of marriage, parenting, and a difficult childhood will provide an excellent platform for discussion. They are all very relatable topics, especially for women. The intimate portrayal of a family dealing with the deployment of a parent is equally discussion worthy.

PBR Review: RAINWATER by Sandra Brown is a book that combines a bit of historical fiction and romance to create an excellent story from start to finish. Set in rural Texas during the 1930’s the story revolves around Ella, a single mother who More

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Talking Points: This book combines both romance and historical fiction to provide an excellent outlet for discussion. The characters are as vivid and memorable as the stark countryside where the story takes place. As single mother and proprietor Ella has to make certain compromises in order to be accepted by the community. This along with the wonderful love story will make an enjoyable book club choice.

PBR Review: MISTER PIP by Lloyd Jones was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2007. It's only about 300 pages long, but it packs a profound message about life. It takes place in the 1990's on a tropical island, which is experiencing a br More

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Talking Points: This book will open many avenues for discussion. While this small island was experiencing a civil war, much of the world was unaware of the brutality that was taking place. It's a very touching well written story about the positive impact one man made on a community experiencing wartime atrocities and the resilience of the human spirit. There are moral, ethical, racial and parent child themes. And most profoundly it shows the positive effects of reading as teacher and pupil bond, curiosity is sparked and a love of reading develops.
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