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PBR Review: A powerful and emotionally charged memoir about a young girl who realizes she wants more from life than the poverty stricken life of her childhood. Her profound success is amazing, especially considereing the obstacles she fac More

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Talking Points: Tara has a father who is controlling and fanatical. He suffers from a mental disease, distrusts doctors, refusing medical attention for himself and his family and does not support his children going to school. Tara suffers much emotional and physical abuse and neglect but fights her way out of this untenable situation and triumphs. Her determination is inspiring and her strength amazing.

PBR Review: It's hard for me to understand how any mother can walk away from her child. Kya's mother did just this and sadly, a few years later her father left. By the age of ten, Kya was completely on her own. Her journey is sentimental and More

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Talking Points: A story that touches on so many issues: domestic and alcoholic abuse, small town prejudices, loneliness, extreme poverty and abandonment. But it also shows the value of an education, the resilience of youth and the power of hope and desire.
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