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PBR Review: What a gem this book is. Right from the start, I found it entertaining and original. Itís a story of love and betrayal with a unique, intriguing plot. There are three main characters. Amber is young, greedy, and jealous. She al More

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Talking Points: There is a lot of deception and unbelievable conniving in this book. And some of the characters are guilty of bad behavior and bad decisions. It looks in some detail at the extravagant lifestyle of the rich. And there are a few personality disorders that defiantly are discussion worthy. Marriage, raising children, trust and friendship are also issues in this book.

PBR Review: In quick order, Gilly Macmillan presents a compelling scenario and shortly after the reader will start to feel like reading throughout the night. The story revolves around a missing child and is told from the perspective of the More

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Talking Points: The quick to judge social media and press and the pressure they create, strangers passing judgment without really knowing al the facts. The guilt and blame that comes with a child in harms way, which of course impacts not just immediate family, but the community at large. Can anyone close to this type of situation come out on the other side without scars? Can a Good parent lose their child? At what age should children be given more freedom? Life can change all to quickly.

PBR Review: This story moves back and forth between Nazi occupied Poland and present day and is one that will captive and hold your attention right from the start. The present day portion of this story is a legal thriller bringing to light More

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Talking Points: This is a book that you can definitely immerse yourself in. Its emotionally charged dealing with a young German boy who is raised by a Jewish family and what happens when WWII begins and the Nazis occupy Poland. Its a different take on the Holocaust and as with most books on this subject shows the best and worst of humanity. Suspenseful and well paced, it will appeal to those that like a good legal thriller or Holocaust stories.

PBR Review: This is an amazing book from cover to cover. It captivates right from the start and is a fascinating read based on a very clever premise. As a result of an accident, the protagonist Christine has a rare but very real brain injur More

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Talking Points: This is a book that lingers in your mind and stays with you for a while. Partly because it is a well crafted page turner, but also because it's hard to imagine having no permanent memory. It's a physiological thriller, (versus an action thriller) so it delves into human relationships, the power of the mind and the meaning of reality.

PBR Review: There is a great sense of place and exceptional character development in this mystery. Set in Mississippi, itís a story of prejudice and social inequity. Although the central theme is the mystery of what happened to two missing More

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Talking Points: This is not only a beautiful story but well written as well. It's poignant and compelling with topics, characters and descriptive detail that beg to be talked about. There are racial issues, moral issues and family and friendship dynamics but the stronger thread is really about the mind set of small towns and the difficulties of overcoming a bad reputation, regardless of it's truth. Many of the characters actions and non action to situations and circumstances will also stay with you.
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