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Those Who Save Us
by Jenna Blum

PBR Review I loved this book so much I stayed in on a Saturday night to finish reading it. Get ready for a lot of soul searching as you read this heart wrenching story of a mothers love and the agony of holocaust. As an interesting twist the book is written from the perspective of the german citizen forcing you to wonder what would you have done in the same situation.Back.
Talking Points: Aside from the atrocities of war, the interesting discussion point that will surface after reading this book is that it's told from the perspective of German citizens and depicts their struggles, the guilt they harbored and the compromises they made for survival. The actions of the main character will cause the reader to wonder what they would do under similar circumstances and also generate conversation on the devastating impact of war for survivors and the risks involved in aiding the Jewish. Book clubs whose members have children will especially relate to and want to discuss certain threads of this book. This book will appeal to book clubs that enjoy a well written story with emotional impact.
PBR Reader Comments:
This book definitely goes on my list of all time favorites. A must read.
by-Sara 2009/04/12, 09:52 AM

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