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The Heretics Daughter
by Kathleen Kent

PBR Review This is a fascinating look at life in the late 1600ís during the small pox epidemic and the Salem Witch trials. Kathleen Kent beautifully relates the details of every day life in this harsh period of our history. She skillfully depicts a society that twists and distorts facts to falsely accuse and convict a person of witchcraft. Itís disturbing to realize the ease with which one person accuses another of being a witch; often because of some petty jealousy. Intertwined in this rich historical detail is the beautiful story of a mother and daughter and how as their relationship evolves they come to understand and respect each other. The story shows how this family copes and survives living in a society that by todayís standards can only be referred to as not quite sane. This is a great read and one that should not be missed by historical fiction loversBack.
Talking Points: This book, set during the Salem Witch trials, will spark conversation on many levels. There is a beautiful mother daughter theme that will generate conversation on unconditional love. The powerlessness of the family and friends of an accused witch and the unthinkable living conditions in prison will also be great discussion points. The manner in which the trials are carried out, the clear injustice to the victims and the religious zeal underlying this period of our history will also generate lots of emotion and discussion. This book will appeal to book clubs that enjoy well written captivating stories or historical fiction.
PBR Reader Comments:
It quickly becomes obvious that Kathleen Kent did her homework on this book, it's an incredible work of historical fiction. Her style is simple but effective as she draws you in emotionally, exposing you to the delusions of that disturbing time in our history. It takes place during the Salem Witch trials and she does a great job of bringing the tragic events to life. The book and the characters stay with you even after you finish reading it.
by-Lyn 2009/05/13, 07:38 AM

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