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Cutting For Stone
by Abraham Verghese

PBR Review At 500 pages it certainly is a long book, but worth every second, earning five stars rating from this reader! CUTTING FOR STONE is a sweeping family saga which draws you in and transports you to a small missionary hospital in Ethiopia. The story begins with the birth of the narrator. As you follow his life, you will fall in live with his story and come to feel as if you know the characters personally. It's filled with love, politics, culture, family, tragedy, betrayal, and much more! It reminded me of the book Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsglover. Beautifully written with detail and precision, you will miss it when it ends. It is one of the best books I've read in a long time.Back.
Talking Points: Because this story is so engrossing, you will want to discuss it for hours. It touches upon topics, which will evoke strong emotions and provide lively and passionate conversations. The storyline visits many scenarios such as love, family dynamics, political upheavals, and cultural traditions, which unchain a series of events worth pondering.
PBR Reader Comments:
My entire book club loved this book and it provoked many lively discussions. As a group we went out to dinner to an Ethiopian restuarant.
by-Mary Jo 2010/01/27, 06:20 AM

At 500 pages it was certainly a long book, but worth every second earning five stars rating from this reader! Beautifully written with detail and precision, you will miss it when it ends.
by-PBR 2009/06/23, 08:38 PM

This was an excellent book! You will ponder this book long after you put it down. I loved the characters.
by-Andrea 2009/06/15, 07:27 AM

This book is destined to be a classic. It is a beautifull written saga set in Ethopia dealing with an array of cultural and human struggles. Abraham's characters are so finely developed, you will know them by the books end. He also has detailed fascinating descriptions of Ethiopian culture and history. Really glad I read it.
by-Sara 2009/05/13, 06:59 PM

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