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Little Bee
by Chris Cleave

PBR Review The fragility of life became crystal clear, after reading this book. I could not stop thinking about it. What would I do? Could I have done the same thing? How would I feel or cope? I’m not sure. It will leave you pondering your beliefs and boundaries. The book jacket asks you not to disclose too much of the story. I will say it is a shocking story that draws you into a foreign land where conflict and emotions run high. The main character “little Bee” will stay with you long after you close the book.Back.
Talking Points: Book clubs will enjoy discussing the many complex social issues and injustices of a corrupt government. The book also beautifully explores relationships, love and loss and has characters, Little Bee and Sarah in particular, whose actions and motivations will promote discussion. Little Bee has strong survival instincts for example, but does this necessarily justify questionable behavior? Various threads will also lead to conversation about valuing and appreciating one's life and the trials of immigration. This story will appeal to book clubs that enjoy a well written character driven novel.
PBR Reader Comments:
It was a compelling read. It was a story that came full circle.
by-katie 2010/01/13, 01:48 PM

Little Bee was at times tension filled and at other times dramatic but it captivates you from the very beginning to the end. It is beautifully written and tells a powerful inspiring story about an unusual friendship between an illegal Nigerian refugee and a suburban housewife.
by-DG 2009/11/25, 02:52 AM

This was a compelling read which draws the reader in. It would be an excellent choice for a bookclub.
by-Eileen 2009/11/05, 01:14 PM

An intense read with a beautifully written story. The voices will stay with you and so will the many questions the book presents.
by-Andrea 2009/07/18, 06:30 PM

The Author does a fantastic job of showing the differences between our western world and the third world country of Ethopia. He skillfully takes you through a range of emotions and opens your eyes to what goes on in other countries.
by-Lyn 2009/05/11, 06:43 PM

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