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Reliable Wife
by Robert Goolrick

PBR Review I stayed up late a few nights reading this beautifully written book; it was hard to put down. The story is intense and Goolrick’s writing style is powerful; a dynamic combination that will seriously hook you. His descriptions of the remote, cold and snowed in Wisconsin country are vivid with just the right amount of detail; enabling you to empathize with it’s residents and their isolated life. The story flows beautifully and as the plot deepens the characters become more complex, you just want to keep reading to discover the outcome. There is a touch of mystery but the tension the author builds is what keeps you turning the pages. Throughout the novel, the author delves into many facets of human nature; lust, loneliness, evilness, greed, madness, love, hatred and forgiveness to name just a few. These will make for great discussions topics if you are a book club. It’s a little dark, but a bold first novel by this author that you'll want to recommend to your friends.Back.
Talking Points: The intense writing style is what makes this book stand out and will also stimulate conversation for book clubs. The characters are all well developed and terribly flawed. Their actions consistently anger, confuse and surprise; all of which flow together for some healthy discussion. The basic needs of human beings and the measures one takes to satisfy them, as well as the desperation that accompanies loneliness and grief are also threads that will stimulate conversation. In general, readers seem to either love or hate this book, maybe due to the dark undertone or some of the circumstances and actions which defy logic. It will appeal to book clubs that enjoy well written character driven stories.
PBR Reader Comments:
Beautifully written but it was little darker than I usually go for. The characters were very interesting and it definitely kept my interest.
by-andrea 2009/08/23, 04:07 AM

If you like beautifully written books with complex characters and compelling plots filled with twists and a few surprises, don't miss this one.
by-Sara 2009/06/07, 02:14 PM

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