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The Other Boleyn Girl
by Philippa Gregory

PBR Review Philippa Gregory’s characters are complex and immensely engaging. The story is thought provoking, multi layered and brimming with unending intrigue and suspense; fueled by the greedy, ambitious, scheming and dangerously vacillating nature of the characters. There was literally never a dull moment in this book for me. I loved reading about the excesses of the royal court and the details of life during this period; Philippa Gregory’s descriptions are vivid and complete. This period in English History is often referred to as the reign of terror; Philippa Gregory brought it to life with her excellent portrayal of a king that disposed of people on a whim; usually by beheading them. This created a tense read as members of the inner circle ruthlessly curried the favor of King Henry VIII, jockeying for crucial political positions and stopping at nothing to maintain their status. In summary, I loved this enthralling book and did not want it to end; excellent page turning historical fiction.Back.
Talking Points: The inner circle of King Henry VIII was in a perpetual state of turmoil, due largely to the King's impulsive and whimsical nature. This not only makes for an entertaining read but fosters lively discussion. There are also plenty of women's issues to discuss as many threads running through this novel show how they were abused and manipulated as part of a power play. Additionally, issues of social injustices and greed will spark conversation. This book will appeal to book clubs that enjoy historical fiction or a light captivating story.
PBR Reader Comments:
Phillipa Gregory brilliantly captures the deception, power struggles and inherent danger of living Under King Henry's reign and the English Court. A fascinating read that you won't be able to put down.
by-Lyn 2009/07/05, 03:42 PM

One of my favorite books! Great historical fiction, excellent characters and kept my interest from beginning to end!
by-andrea 2009/07/04, 10:38 AM

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