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The Help
by Katheryn Stockett

PBR Review This is an entertaining story that takes place in Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement. Initially I did not like the deep southern dialect of the two maids, but once I accepted this, I was drawn into the book and was able to appreciate its full impact. It deals with a serious topic, what it's like for a black maid to work for and serve a white family, and is full of witty observations, poignant moments and sad events. There are also some humorous moments. Kathryn Stockett makes the characters and setting in this book come alive. She does this through phenomenal character development and descriptions of life in Mississippi during the 60's that feel authentic. She allows you deep into the psyche of these characters which persuades you to see them as real people with feelings and hope and above all else courage. I was angered by some of the events that unfolded and intrigued by others. The strength of the book is not only the relationships between the black maids and the white employers, but also the black maids and the white children in their care. Itís interesting; the bonding between child and caretaker does not know racial prejudice. In short this is a nicely written book that will surely stimulate lots of discussion, an excellent book club choice. Itís also a wonderful story with characters you care about. Some of the characters and events will resonate with you a long time after you finish this book. I recommend to anyone looking for a light but absorbing read with emotional pull or those who are drawn to books about the south or civil rights.Back.
Talking Points: An excellent book club choice that stirs up emotions and leaves the reader wanting more. It takes place during the height of the civil rights era and has provocative characters that feel authentic. Book clubs will enjoy discussing the three very remarkable, very different women who tell this story and the interactions between the black maids and their white employers. The dynamics of this time period with its social injustices will also stimulate lots of lively discussion. This is a book that stays with you long after you have finished it.
PBR Reader Comments:
I just saw the movie and it was excellent. Seeing the characters come to life on screen was incredible. It doesn't seem to matter if you read the book or not, everyone I was with enjoyed the movie. Its a tear jerker!
by-Andrea 2011/08/11, 05:33 AM

When this book ended, I still wanted to learn more about the intricate characters that Stockett developed. The topic was one that I would usually not be interested in, but I was quickly hooked. Definitely worth reading!
by-Haley 2010/05/03, 01:15 PM

I loved all the banter in this book and could realate to the characters. A really good story.
by-Paula 2010/01/05, 07:39 AM

This was an extraordinary book about blacks, whites, women, men, husbands, and wives. The author showd us a small town and how it revolved around the people of all walks. The Author spun a tale full of trueful situations. All a good read!
by-TammyF 2009/11/19, 10:08 PM

A wonderful book about the relationship between black maids and their white employers. It's touching and heartbreaking.
by-Fern 2009/11/16, 06:01 AM

The storyline was intriguing, touching and compelling; I just didnít like the voice of the main character and thought the characters in general were a little stereotypical.
by-Lyn 2009/07/05, 03:29 PM

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