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The Scent of Rain and Lightning
by Nancy Pickard

PBR Review This is one of those rare books that synchronizes characters, plot, and pacing to perfection. The story centers on Jody Linder, who at age three tragically loses both her parents in one night. One is murdered, the other goes missing. As the book opens, the man accused of this crime, Billy Crosby, is unexpectedly released from prison after serving 20+ years of his life sentence. From here, through flashbacks, the story unfolds and the mystery builds. Pickardís descriptive skills are masterful. She brings to life rural life on a ranch and presents multi faceted very believable characters. She captures the subtleties of human interaction, presents real life situations and shows the politics of small town psychology. She also keeps you guessing. Was the right man convicted? There are enough twists and surprises, so that once started, the book is hard to put down. Although categorized as a mystery, itís a book to be enjoyed by anyone who likes a good story. It's easy to understand why Nancy Pickard is an award winning author.Back.
Talking Points: Family drama is nicely done in this story. The strong close knit family at the center of this book has many strengths but also a few weaknesses; the kind that come with power. Nancy Pickard plants many suspicions in your mind about the convicted murderer but additionally touches on morality issues and the justice system. Her beautiful descriptions and deep character development also serve to transport the reader to small town america.
PBR Reader Comments:
I enjoyed this book very much and the ending was a huge surprise.
by-Katheen 2011/08/24, 06:06 AM

Loved this book. Could not put it down and boy was I surprised by the ending!
by-braysnap 2011/07/19, 09:56 AM

I listened to this on audio during what should have been a long car ride, but thanks to this book time flew by very fast. I loved everything about this book.
by-Andrea 2011/02/28, 06:19 AM

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