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by Sandra Brown

PBR Review RAINWATER by Sandra Brown is a book that combines a bit of historical fiction and romance to create an excellent story from start to finish. Set in rural Texas during the 1930s the story revolves around Ella, a single mother who runs a boarding house while caring for her handicapped son. In order to make ends meet, Ella must rent out rooms in her home. The daily struggles of Ella and her son descriptively depict the hard times many experienced during the depression. The author starkly portrays the many prejudices faced by certain groups in the early 1900s. It was interesting to compare the daily norms and expected behavior of the thirties to today. The various tenants of the boarding house provide an interesting cast of characters that you will surely enjoy. This wonderfully paced book would make a terrific book club choice.Back.
Talking Points: This book combines both romance and historical fiction to provide an excellent outlet for discussion. The characters are as vivid and memorable as the stark countryside where the story takes place. As single mother and proprietor Ella has to make certain compromises in order to be accepted by the community. This along with the wonderful love story will make an enjoyable book club choice.
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