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Secrets Of Eden
by Chris Bohjalian

PBR Review This is an excellent mystery that hooks you right away and is hard to put down. The backdrop is a small town in Vermont and the story opens with an apparent murder/suicide. The premise of the husband first killing his wife then taking his own life brings awareness to the tough topic of domestic abuse. Bohjalian’s writing style and plotting create a very believable story that is touching and intriguing; while unraveling the mystery, the reader becomes emotionally connected to the characters. And because it’s told from the viewpoint of four different characters we see and feel the effects of domestic violence on the family, the community and the public at large. Surprisingly, although the topic is heavy, this is an easy read - the story line keeps you turning pages and the focus shifts with each narrator. Bohjalian also throws in some twists and surprises to keep you guessing. Recommend for those who enjoy well written suspense novels, especially literary suspense; those looking for strong police procedural may be a little disappointed.Back.
Talking Points: Bohjalian takes the reader right into the heads of his various characters and presents the topic in a way that questions the traditional lines of thought and opens the mind to new and different perspectives. He shows the human side of his characters by giving them depth and believable flaws and challenges you with a great mystery to solve.
PBR Reader Comments:
A compelling story that combines psychological suspense and a controversial topic. The storyline is creative and the plotting intense; solidly holding your interest from start to finish. Bohjalian tackles a few moral issues and hammers home the effects of spousal abuse.
by-Linda-PBR 2011/08/02, 06:29 PM

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