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Ordinary Grace
by William Kent Krueger

PBR Review Ordinary Grace is fabulous a book, one I didnít want to end. I think it was the beautifully developed characters, so believable and real that grabbed me. Or maybe it was the 1960ís setting vividly depicted and perfectly captured, a time when young people had more freedom and responsibilities, when life at least seemed to be slower paced and simpler. Itís a coming of age story set in rural Minnesota. Thirteen year old Frank is the narrator but the story is from his perspective 40 years later, as he reflects on the events of a memorable summer, one where he was first introduced to death. Kreuger delves into how each member of Frankís family deals with death and the anguish of a young boy trying to make adult decisions. The story may be set in the 60ís but the human struggles are timeless. Although, technically a mystery this story has a more literary feel to it. A great book club book.Back.
Talking Points: The themes running through this book touch upon the everyday emotions of love loss and forgiveness. Franks father is a preacher so morality and faith in God play big in this book. But Kreuger goes deeper and also writes about the more volatile emotions of prejudice, insecurity loss of innocence and evil.
PBR Reader Comments:
The complexity of this book keeps you turning the pages. Wonderfully written-not to be missed.
by-Linda 2016/08/16, 03:37 PM

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