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Circling the Sun
by Paula Mclain

PBR Review I was pulled into this heartfelt story right from the start. Africa is huge, Iíve read many books set in this country, yet I feel there is always something to learn with each new book. Young Beryl was a delight to read about. Growing up on her fatherís farm in Kenya, she was as wild and free as we all envision Africa to be. Her mother abandoned her at age four, her father left her when she was a teenager, yet these events did not dampen her spirit or hinder her development into a strong independent woman, but most likely shaped her into a woman not afraid to take chances, one who eventually makes a record breaking Atlantic flight in the mid 1930s , flying solo. I found reading about this adventurous and self-sufficient woman inspiring. Recommend. Excellent book club choice.Back.
Talking Points: This book tackles many topics that are discussion worthy. Beryl is abandoned by both mother and father. She is strong and independent and reaches for her dreams, seemingly undeterred by these set backs or the opinion of others. She was adventurous and certainly brave, most likely because of her free spirited youth growing up on a farm in Kenya. The book also looks at failed marriages and pain of love lost.
PBR Reader Comments:
I love how Beryl was such a Tom Boy, yet still so sensual. It must have been hard to pull off in the 1920's. Absorbing book.
by-Andrea 2016/11/02, 05:25 PM

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