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What She Knew
by Gilly Macmillan

PBR Review In quick order, Gilly Macmillan presents a compelling scenario and shortly after the reader will start to feel like reading throughout the night. The story revolves around a missing child and is told from the perspective of the lead detective heading up the investigation, Jim and the distraught mother of the missing child, Rachael. Parent, or not, the angst of the situation hits you hard and fast; this is a taunt pshchological thriller that is well paced, well written and suspenseful. Both of these main characters are flawed making them all the easier to relate to. But, the added bonus for me was the writing style and delivery; this is not your standard mystery, you can feel the fear and trepidation in Rachael as the search continues and Jim’s remorsefulness hangs like a waterlogged cloud just before the storm. Mysteries are generally not for book clubs; but this book is the exception to the rule- the mystery is above average fantastic, but the excellent character development throws it over the top. It’s great for both the mystery lover and book clubs. And to think, this is a debut novel. Bravo Gilly Macmillan!Back.
Talking Points: The quick to judge social media and press and the pressure they create, strangers passing judgment without really knowing al the facts. The guilt and blame that comes with a child in harms way, which of course impacts not just immediate family, but the community at large. Can anyone close to this type of situation come out on the other side without scars? Can a Good parent lose their child? At what age should children be given more freedom? Life can change all to quickly.
PBR Reader Comments:
Highly recommend! Gilly Macmillan captures the emotions of a mother who makes a simple decision to let her 8 year-old son run ahead of her, only to arrive at the swing set to find him missing. Macmillan also shows the raw emotions of DI Clemo, the lead detective, distraught as he rushes against the clock to find Ben. He knows better than anyone that time plays a critical role and that time is his enemy when it comes to a favorable outcome.
by-linda 2016/10/31, 11:11 PM

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