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The Rent Collector
by Camron Wright

PBR Review Although THE RENT COLLECTOR is fiction, the inspiration for this book is the documentary film RIVER OF VICTORY. The story is set in Cambodia just after the decline of the Khmer Rouge regime. The two main characters, Sang Ly and her husband live in Stung Meanchey, a garbage dump, and to survive they pick through truckloads of trash everyday, looking for things they can sell. As you can imagine, the dump is filthy and dangerous, and life is uncertain. Sang Lys young son Nisays health suffers from living in these conditions and gang violence is a heartbeat away. Sounds grim, but surprisingly enough the message running through this story is one of hope, determination and redemption. Sang Ly wants a better life for her son and she is convinced that the path to this dream is learning to read. As an avid reader, I loved this about. I loved that the author highlighted the power of reading. Recommend for book clubs and Historical Fiction fans.Back.
Talking Points: The resounding message throughout this book is one of hope and at the same time disbelief, that people could live in such horrible conditions. I loved that the main character, living in a dump with untold challenges, wants to learn to read. There are many lessons to be learned and the book is full of inspiration; sure to generate lots of healthy conversation. When you come to the final chapter and close this book, you will appreciate many things you took for granted.
PBR Reader Comments:
A beautiful story with a few surprises. The roots of this book are based in truth which makes this book inspiring and touching- also unbelievable at times to realize people could actually survie ina dump. Its not dark as the synopsis suggests but quite the contrary- very uplifting and replete with hope.
by-linda 2016/11/14, 03:15 PM

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