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The Education of Dixie Dupree
by Donna Everhart

PBR Review Narrated by the sweet young voice of Dixie Dupree, this book captures the small town Alabama life of a dysfunctional family in 1969. Dixie’s father drinks, her mother has a hair trigger temper, money is tight, her support system is unreliable; but amazingly, this young girl manages to remain optimistic. As such, the book tackles many problems of poverty and a broken family, showing how abused children deal with these stresses and many times feel responsible and confused about who they can trust. Adults are often in denial or so engulfed in their own struggles they are not able to help.Back.
Talking Points: Dixie Dupree, an 11 year old with an idyllic voice and a heart full of passion, narrates this book. But dig a little into her life and you find many forms of child abuse. Why is it that parental love is sometimes not enough to stop or prevent child abuse? There is also a lot of insight into how a child rationalizes what is happening and caregivers often do not have the presence of mind to notice, thus the abuse continues. What role does poverty play in Dixies troubles?
PBR Reader Comments:
A tough book to read, so not for everyone. Deals with many levels of child abuse and poverty. Narrated by 11 year old Dixie who has a voice that you can’t stop listening to. Her life is unraveling and yet she remains positive.
by-linda 2016/12/12, 07:54 PM

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