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I Will Send Rain
by Rae Meadows

PBR Review This is a story of survival and how the effects of severe dust storms and drought affect an individual family and a community of farmers at large. The character development is excellent; the author brings the reader straight into each personís head and life and allows the reader a real glimpse into the economic and mental struggles of trying to hold on until the rains arrive. The descriptions are vivid allowing the reader to feel the desperation that has become a way of life. Historical Fiction lovers will enjoy this story but so will anyone who enjoys reading about the human spiritís drive to persevere.Back.
Talking Points: Depression era novels always generate lots of conversation. There is just so much to discuss when it comes to poverty, sacrifice, real life struggles and the human condition that keeps hoping and pushing forward. It is interesting to note the different coping methods each member of the family has and the strong religious beliefs which at times is the glue holding everyone together. How the hardship touches women will also spark some conversation. There have been many comparisons to John Steinbecks Grapes of Wrath, it might be interesting to compare the two in a general or specific way if anyone has read both, the opinions on this seem to be polarizing.
PBR Reader Comments:
Set during the 1930s, a real look at the life a farmer during the time known as the Dust Bowl; when severe dust storms made life difficult. Good characters and information on this period.
by-linda 2017/01/06, 08:40 PM

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