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The Life We Bury
by Allen Eskens

PBR Review Every so often you come across a book that grabs you, and you canít stop reading. This is just such a book. Joe is a college student with a biography due for a college paper and he needs someone to write about; anyone will do, he has a deadline to meet. This is how he comes to know Carl Iverson, a convicted rapist and murderer who is dying from cancer. As the book unfolds, the pace quickens, and the characters become authentic with real personalities. Give this book a try if you are in the mood for something well written with plenty of family dynamics and suspense, which I think is a great combination. I also loved that this was Allen Eskensís debut novel. Recommend.Back.
Talking Points: This book has many discussion worthy threads. Joes mother is an alcoholic with bi polar disorder, which makes for dysfunctional family relationships. Joe also carries a lot of guilt about his mother and his autistic brother. He struggles with what loyalty to family means and his role as both brother and son as he moves towards breaking the childhood shackles. Joe also learns to forgive himself.
PBR Reader Comments:
Allen Eskens is an amazingly talented author. I could not put this down. If you are looking for a great suspense novel, this is it! At one point, I thought I had it figured out only to get a BIG surprise! This is a must read. Enjoy!
by-Trish 2017/03/14, 07:17 AM

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