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The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend
by Katarina Bivald

PBR Review I picked up Katarina Bivald's debut novel because I was looking for a light read. The kind of book that provides an escape. Bam! A few pages in and I'm transported to the small midwestern town of Broken Wheel. It's a feel good book filled with quirky, lovable characters and small town life. As Broken Wheel struggles to survive rough economic times, the community unites. Unlikely friendships are formed, and romance blooms. The power of books is highlighted, providing a delightful read for any book lover. If you enjoy novels centered around the love of books and a bookstore, this is an excellent choice.Back.
Talking Points: This story is about the love of reading and how books can impact people's lives. The cast of characters in this small Iowa town is delightful. What better place to discuss a book about books than a with your Book Club.
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