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by Chris Bohjalian

PBR Review One thing is certain – pick up a Chris Bohjalian book and you are in for something original. This time, he brings his unique perspective and style to the condition of sleepwalking. And while the story revolves around a young woman searching for answers on her missing mother, who is a sleepwalker, it is also full of psychological suspense and family drama. Although familiar with sleepwalking, I was surprised that the symptoms could manifest themselves in so many ways. Aside from walking - Annalee also craved sex in her sleep and would stop at nothing to satisfy this craving; a condition I was not familiar with. A very engaging book, sure to satisfy book clubs and the curious.Back.
Talking Points: Like any disease, sleepwalking takes its toll on family. The author delves deep into the trauma and denial that happens when someone you love goes missing. After the disappearance of her mother, Lianna leaves school to care for her sister and father. The fairness of this and why her father allowed it will also be a good discussion topic; as will her relationship with the detective. And of course the topic of sleepwalking is well researched in this book and a fascinating topic.
PBR Reader Comments:
This book delves deep into the condition of Sleepwalking, a fascinating topic to learn about and as usual, Chris Bohjalian has done his homework. There is also lots of family dynamics and mystery as the reader tries to piece together why Annalee has gone missing and will she return.
by-linda 2017/02/14, 04:23 PM

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