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The Nix
by Nathan Hill

PBR Review There is so much to this big 642 page book, itís hard to know where to begin. On the surface, it is the story of a mother and son. Sam is damaged, and his relationship with his mother is damaged, because without any explanation, she simply left one day. He was eleven at the time. Fast forward to the present and Sam is a struggling college professor who seems stuck in time. He is hiding from life, spending an inordinate number of hours playing video games online, not unlike many of todayís youth; which I think is the authorís point. Itís these humorous, insightful takes on ordinary moments that gives substance to this book, moving it from the sphere of ordinary to highly engaging and unpredictable. And there are many such moments; the author gives his keen, witty insight on everything from family relationships, first loves, social media, friendship and politics to sexual abuse, corruption and war. I loved the flawed characters that were so real they could be living next door to you. I also loved the shrewd point of view the author brought to the table with this book; which I believe is the heart of this book and the fuel for its success. Be warned though; it is not a book for everyone. First, it's huge, and secondly, passages can be wordy and rambling. Excellent book club pick.Back.
Talking Points: The Nix is a story that details the inner workings of being human, vulnerable and working to understand and reconcile your past. Front and center is a mother and a son whose relationship is damaged, mostly because she abandoned him at a young age, but other dysfunctions are highlighted in this book too. Samuel is trying to understand and forgive his mother and get his life on track. The author also throws some politics into the mix, which some say is eerily similar to our current political climate. The satirical undertones of this book will also make for lively discussion.
PBR Reader Comments:
Couldn't put it down!
by-Barre hall 2017/05/23, 06:57 PM

Not necessarily for everyone, it's 600 plus pages and a bit wordy. But a treat for those that enjoy this kind of book. Full of witty humor and flawed characters.
by-linda 2017/03/01, 06:58 AM

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