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Karolinas Twins
by Ronald Balson

PBR Review We all need to bear witness to the atrocities of the Holocaust, individually as humans and collectively as a society. Reading, pondering and talking about these horrors ensures they will not happen again. This book, although fictional, brings to light yet another method the Nazis used to torment and break down their prisoners. The story has two threads. A present day Holocaust survivor Lena, who at the age of 89, sets out to finally fulfill her friend Karolina’s final wish. She hires a team to do what seems like an impossible task; find out if Karolina’s twins survived the war. Lena’s son, against this search, initiates proceeding to have her declared incompetent.

The historical part of this book is Lena’s war time story of survival; which I found to be far more engaging. Lena lost everything, including her family, to the Holocaust and it’s difficult to read at times but also very inspiring. What makes this book special is that it’s based on the real life experiences of Fay Scharf Waldman, who gave the author permission to write her story.Back.
Talking Points: A son attempting to decalre his mother incompentant will hit some notes with book clubs. The connection to real life that this story has is also interesting and conversation worthy. The most conversation however will center around the events of Lens's past and her survival of the Nazi concentration camps as well as the choices she made to survive.
PBR Reader Comments:
Part court room drama and part surviving the Holocaust. An engaging book by the author of ONCE WE WERE BROTHERS.
by-linda 2017/03/01, 06:55 AM

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