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Big Little Lies
by Liane Moriarty

PBR Review I loved this book. Of course, the plot was entertaining; Liane Moriarty knows how to develop complex characters, and she excels at generating real-life drama and dialog that seems like it belongs at your dinner table. She captures the nuances of day to day life for mothers, fathers, friendships, marriage, and relationships and creates just the right amount of tension and suspense to keep you turning the pages. Liane Moriarty blends humor with serious introspection. But front and center she reveals what’s behind the façade, the bright smile and pleasant small talk that happens every day, everywhere in every culture. And in doing so, she takes this story from one of scrutinizing petty grievances to one of examining the human condition as she delves into bullying, domestic abuse, infidelity, family dynamics, and murder.Back.
Talking Points: The author gives life to a wide range of issues in this book; aging, single parenting, infidelity, bullying, domestic abuse and being judgmental to name a few. The book also contrasts the everyday face people wear for others and what goes on when no one is looking. Excellent Book Club choice.
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