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A Piece Of The World
by Christina Baker Kline

PBR Review After reading this beautifully written story, the meaning of Wyeth’s s painting “Christina’s World” will be forever changed for me. Kline gives the reader an intimate look at the real life muse of Andrew Wyeth; the inspiration for this painting. I’m not sure I ever grasped the significance of the painting’s title before reading this book.

Christina Olsen suffered from a rare and debilitating disease, which made her progressively weaker and less mobile as she got older; so by mid-life the scene Wyeth captured in his painting was literally her world. Christina’s life is filled with hardship and sacrifice. With longing, she sees her friends move on with their lives to courtship, marriage and families; while she remians somewhat a prisoner of her disease living in a house with no amenities. Kline ‘s writing allows the reader to feel and experience the depth of Christina’s disappointment and longing for more. And in his painting, Andrew Wyeth captured Christina’s essence and demonstrated to her and the world his deep understanding of her. The book is interesting and inspirational.Back.
Talking Points: Members will love discussing Christinas strong character, it is unforgettable. I also think the special relationship she had with Wyeth is very discussable. Christinas early life and her family as well as her relationship with her brother Al will also spark conversation. The book takes a sincere look at living with hardship and sacrifice and the obligation of parents as well as overcoming the challenges of living with an incurable disability.
PBR Reader Comments:
This story is based on facts, which I think makes it all the more intriguing. It tells the story of what Wyeths muse, Christina Olsen may have been like. The writing is poetic and the character are complex, developed and real.
by-Linda 2017/04/12, 10:22 AM

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