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The Rosie Project
by Graeme Simsion

PBR Review Itís almost impossible to convey how immensely fun and clever this book is. Its about two very imperfect people; Don who has what appears to be Asperger syndrome, and Rosie, a bit of a mess herself, and the exact opposite of what Don needs. She breaks every mold of what he finds acceptable behavior, yet he is drawn to her. The story is told from the Donís POV. He is socially inept, extremely rigid and scrutinizes everything, itís just who he is. But, his quirky behavior, and unique perception of the world are what carry this story. As you follow along on his journey to find the perfect wife you wonít be able to stop reading. This is a lighthearted, delightful read.Back.
Talking Points: Book clubs will love discussing Don. His personality disorder will get members talking about having empathy for others, what it is like to be different as well as acceptance of oneself and others. Rosie on the other hand is a break the mold type of person and so will generate some discussion about not following the crowd and staying true to oneself. The topic of Aspergers syndrome may also generate some conversation.
PBR Reader Comments:
Humor is back! Don is an unusual forty year old. Organized, meticulous, literal, and. . .well annoying. Deciding it is time to get marry Don puts together a very scientific questionnaire to find the perfect spouse. Then a young woman enters the picture trying to find her biological father. Tracking DNA and a possible Miss Right puts Don in an unknown and spontaneous situation. Amusing and laugh out loud book.
by-MLPUGH1957 2017/05/25, 12:38 PM

Fun engaging read with quirky heartwarming characters. A charming and unique love story. Hard to put down once you start.
by-Linda 2017/04/12, 10:20 AM

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