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News of the World
by Paulette Jiles

PBR Review First off I have to say I loved Captain Kidd, the main character in this book. He is warm and compassionate, and lives by a set of stands that are enviable. He is in his 70s widowed and has two grown daughters. In his mind he is ready to slow down and enjoy his life. That is, until he is asked to escort Johanna, a 10 year old girl 400 miles back to her family.

It sounds simple enough, except he is travelling across Texas in the year 1870 and Johanna is anything but easy; she is wild, untamed and well versed in the ways of the Indian tribe she lived with. She was orphaned at the age of six when the Kiowa Indians murdered her family and kidnapped her, and she is not happy about being returned to her relatives. At first, Captain Kidd comes off as gruff and grumpy, but the relationship that grows between him and Johanna is beautiful and shows his true benevolent nature.

I loved how he found a way to communicate with her and worked to gain her trust. I can’t say enough about this kind gentle man. To earn money, after losing his printing press, he travels from town to town, reading newspapers articles to people for a dime. I was fascinated by this concept and also loved reading about this tumultuous period in the history of Texas. Recommend. A great book for book clubs.Back.
Talking Points: Book clubs will love discussing Captain Kidd and his special relationship with Johanna and what made him accept the challenge, especially given his age and the times. Johanna is also a fascinating character. What she endured, her untrusting nature and the shocks she has lived through; witnessing her parents death, being kidnapped and living with the Kiowa. The harsh times of this period are also noteworthy; evilness prevailed but so did goodness. An excellent book club selection.
PBR Reader Comments:
Captain Kidd is one of those characters you will fall in love with. He carries the book. Johanna, a young orphan he takes into his care is also fantastic. Great book.
by-Linda 2017/04/12, 10:51 AM

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