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First Comes Love
by Emily Giffin

PBR Review There are a lot of interwoven themes in this book, which combined with the many layers and complexities of human relationships, give the story depth. I really enjoy books about family drama and Emily Giffin nails family dynamics in this book. She takes grief, guilt, pain, love and forgiveness and combines it with ordinary daily life and creates a compelling interesting story. Josie and Meredith are sisters who both suffered the same trauma – the death of their brother. But they are total opposites in the way they live and the way they process grief. There are some unanswered questions surrounding Daniel’s death and also some secrets, which keep the momentum going. And the author also explores different kinds of love in this book. All combined a fantastic vacation or beach read.Back.
Talking Points: An emotional read covering the topics of friendship, love, forgiveness, guilt, letting go and second chances. Grief can be destructive in nature, and some navigate this better than other; it can create strong bonds between people or tear them apart. The struggles of being in relationships will also make for some good conversation as well as the damaging effects of keeping secrets. The author also presents different kinds of love
PBR Reader Comments:
Strong characters and perfect family dynamics. A great vacation or beach read. A lot of book club talking points for clubs that like something on the light side.
by-Linda 2017/05/22, 09:05 PM

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