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The Nightingale
by Kristen Hannah

PBR Review Two strong women, sisters with very different personalities and different approaches to survival during war. Although there were some parts of the book that were not plausable; the story is one that is easy to read and emotionally satisfying. I loved reading about the bravery of women and the contribution they made to the cause. The husbands may have been fighting the Germans in battle- but at home, the women and resistance fighters endured much hardship. They were brutalized, yet persevered. They lived with the enemy yet remained brave.Back.
Talking Points: Books clubs may enjoy discussing how war brings out the best and the worst of people; this story has examples of both. It may also be intersting to contrast the different Nazis presented in this book, specifically why one is kind while others are not. Of course there will be those who won't be able to comprehend the torture and the conventration campswhich will make for sad but enlightening conversation. And as with most stories of war, human endurance, the will to survive and how war changes a person. It may also be interesting to try to imagine how you personally would react in the same situation, do you think you could be as brave? If given an order would you be able to take another person's life?
PBR Reader Comments:
This book is fantastic! One of my favorite topics to read about is WWII, so I throughly enjoyed this read. I find it fascinating to learn how ordinary citizens become so brave. Don't miss this one.
by-Andrea 2017/06/18, 08:22 AM

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