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The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane
by Lisa See

PBR Review A must read for historical fiction enthusiasts. This amazing story showcases the harshness and the opposing joy and happiness of tradition. When I read about cruel, senseless, customs such as those depicted in this story, I can’t wrap my head around the fact that these traditions actually existed and were strictly followed, and may in fact still exist somewhere in the world.

The story follows Li-yan, a member of The Ahka, an ethnic minority group in the mountains of China. Since this region is famous for its ancient tea trees, teas lovers and nontea lovers alike will love reading about the history and growing of tea; it fast becomes obvious that much research was done on this subject, as well as the traditions and superstitions of The Ahka. But in the end, the book is about family and the struggle to abandon ugly traditions, moving forward into the modern world and self discovery.Back.
Talking Points: The story is about change, and the struggle to move forward and accept modern ways. There is also a beautiful and strong mother daughter bond as well as threads of betrayal, greed and fighting internal demons. One part of the book focuses on giving up a baby for adoption and the impact this has on both sides of the adoption. The story also shows the harshness of irrational customs and the difficulty minority cultures face.
PBR Reader Comments:
For Lisa See, it is one of her best. She immerses the reader in the world of The Akha, a minority Chinese culture, and their traditional life high in the mountains. She presents their struggle to both hold on to tradition and yet move forward.
by-Linda 2017/07/01, 06:55 PM

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